ATOMIC BALM - Herbal Infusion

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Combine COMFORTABLY NUMB® & BONE & TISSUE & CARTILAGE OILS, and you have one of the most powerful combination healing salves on earth.

22 active ingredients are infused in this amazing herbal formulation - brimming with organic herbs & oils for unbelievable relief & repair of joints, muscles & tissues - AND relief from the pain from the injury.  Expect Miracles.

When you take the already anti-inflammatory powerhouse of COMFORTABLY NUMB® with its customer-raving formulation to stop pain in its tracks, and infuse it with the healing herbs of BONE, TISSUE & CARTILAGE, this balm has the capability to heal sprains, strains, torn ligaments and other injuries in record time. 

Atomic Balm for sprained knee

The name says it all! This small jar will obliterate pain, and is a must-have for everyone's natural & herbal medicine cabinet. Some of the most potent & healing herbs are infused in this balm bringing fast and amazing results to sprains, strains, broken bones, torn ligaments, scrapes, burns & swelling.

Renowned master herbalist, Dr. John Christopher created a formula to heal and rebuild all varieties of tissue damage. His original recipe was named BF&C because it helped repair Bone, Flesh & Cartilage. We have taken it one step further and combined that recipe with the pain relieving formulation of COMFORTABLY NUMB® to create the miracle worker ATOMIC BALM.

atomic balm healing infusion for sprains, strains, torn ligaments

" My husband and I just bought a fixer-upper, and worked on it so long one day that his back and my shoulder were killing us. We both used ATOMIC BALM on our stiff joints, and felt like a million bucks afterwards. This is by far the best muscle rub we have ever used."  - L. Williamson

 Ingredients: Jojoba oil*, wintergreen oil, hempseed oil*, arnica*, calendula*, comfrey root*, cayenne*, ginger*, DMSO, oak bark*, gravel root*, mullein*, lobelia*, wormwood*, marshmallow root*, skullcap*, walnut bark*; frankincense, cypress, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus & geranium therapeutic-grade essential oils, Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract.  *denotes organic ingredient. 

Directions for Use:  Apply ATOMIC BALM to sprains, strains, sore and inflamed muscles to provide anti-inflammatory pain relief. Can massage in for 2-3 minutes for deeper penetration. A little goes a long way - do not over-saturate - there IS cayenne in it, after all. Broken, irritated or heated skin may be more sensitive to the powerful ingredients.

For external use only. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with eyes (another reason to wash hands after use). Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before use. Keep away from children - they have to wait until they are much older to use.  Do a patch test to determine sensitivities or reactions to ingredients in ATOMIC BALM. Carry on with your life, and do the things you love - without relying on pain medications. 


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