RAPID Immune Boost Elixir

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echinacea · goldenseal · elderberry · astragalus · ginger


ECHINACEA promotes overall immune function by reducing inflammation and infectious diseases. Echinacea extract increases the number of circulating white blood cells (lymphocytes and monocytes). In a study of 6 adults treated for 3 days, echinacea extract reduced inflammation and increased production of molecules (IFN-alpha) that fight infection.

Echinacea inhibited inflammatory molecules (IL- 6, IL-8) after viral infection in lung cells. In a model of the human airway, treatment with echinacea reduced mucus in the lungs (reduction in mucopolysaccharide and mucin

GOLDENSEAL: The secret of goldenseal lies in the three active alkaloids that it contains, namely hydrastine, palmatine, canadine and berberine. Berberine, in particular, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and immune-boosting properties. It works against various bacteria, fungi and protozoa, and may even help treat gastrointestinal issues.

ELDERBERRIES are particularly rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple (almost black) coloring. These powerful antioxidants work to keep the immune system strong and resilient. The Elderflower is also packed with bio-flavonoids that help to boost the immune system. Research has shown that Elderflowers are also effective in killing common pathogens.

ASTRAGALUS is used to treat the common cold, upper respiratory infections, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. Some proponents of astragalus use it for its possible heart benefits. They claim it may protect against heart disease. It's also used to help improve overall weakness. It is used as an immune stimulant in treating and preventing colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

A herbal mixture containing Astragalus given daily in conjunction with interferon to adults with chronic bronchitis reduced the incidence and duration of Upper Respiratory Tract infections.

GINGER ROOT: The anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals in ginger root will help to relieve a sore throat quickly, and they also kill rhinoviruses, which cause colds in the first place.

Suggested Use: Adults: Two dropperfuls of RAPID IMMUNE BOOST added to water or juice 2-8 times a day. (See back of sheet for recommended doses). Children over two yrs old: 1/2 dropperful 1-2 times a day. Do not take for longer than one week a time. Use the one week on - one week off rule.



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