MIGHTY MOUTH & Nasal Refresher

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Dry mouths are the perfect environment to host millions of bacteria in your mouth. When you have bacteria in your mouth, you are not only putting your oral health at risk, it also can lead to other medical problems, including compromising your heart health. Certain strains of bacteria in the mouth travel through the bloodstream to all of the organs in your body—creating a  multitude of heath conditions & inflammation throughout your body.

Mighty Mouth & Nasal Refresher’s powerful formulation may kill germs & bacteria on contact. 100% MCT and grapeseed oils are infused with germ-killing myrrh, neem oil, manuka oil, and peppermint, while the saliva-inducing ingredients of slippery elm bark, fennel, and cayenne will stimulate saliva production.

Brimming with mouth-watering/germ-killing ingredients, MIGHTY MOUTH is a handy little bottle to have with you if you need a quick minty pick-me-up, or as a way to combat dry mouth from dehydration, medications, or nervousness. With its anti-inflammatory properties and cool oils, one rub can freshen breath and even shrink inflamed nasal passages. Perfect to use when you have a stuffy nose - or if using a CPAP machine. The germ killing and moisturizing ingredients of this gentle, yet powerful oil, will help you breathe easier at night.

Breathing easily & deeply into your belly is an important tool for optimizing oxygen intake, as well. 

MIGHTY MOUTH is the perfect companion to ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Tooth Powder. After brushing and rinsing, pour MIGHTY MOUTH on toothbrush and brush normally. Spit out - but do not rinse. Your mouth will continually kill germs and freshen and moisturize mouth. 

MCT Oil:  Works as a natural anti-bacterial killing disease-causing bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. The medium chain fats found in MCT oil are effective as a tissue healer when applied topically. It stimulates the recovery of cells and infections.

Grapeseed Oil: Effective remedy to eliminate symptoms of dry mouth. Its moisturizing property helps coat your mouth and keeps it moist for a reasonable amount of time. Plus, being high in vitamin E, it will help heal any sores you may have in your mouth.

Cinnamon: Antimicrobial potency against streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, and lactobacillus plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible in gum disease.

Neem Oil: Prevents and heals gum disease, prevents cavities, eliminates bacteria that cause cavities and inflammation of the gums, and prevents bacteria from adhering to your teeth (reducing plaque).

Slippery Elm Bark: Slippery elm contains mucilage. This gel helps coat and soothe the mouth, and can effectively relieve many discomforts associated with dry mouth.

Fennel Oil: The flavonoids in fennel seeds stimulate the flow of saliva and hence help get rid of dry mouth. Plus, their aromatic flavor helps combat bad breath that accompanies dry mouth.

Clove: has been used for  hundreds of years to relieve tooth pain. Clinical research demonstrated that clove inhibits many pathogenic bacteria and has a strong germicidal properties.

Manuka Oil (wildcrafted): Has a higher antibacterial and anifungal activity than Tea Tree Oil against bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus and Pathogenic Fungi.  

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper stimulates saliva production, making it one of the best remedies for dry mouth.

Myrrh: Helps eliminate dental infections and reduce the redness and swelling associated with unhealthy gums. Myrrh is extremely helpful for halitosis - as its actions against harmful organisms that cause bad breath.