MASK-IT Uplifting Cloth Mask Refresher

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We have been at this a while now. It doesn't matter where you are on topic, if you want to go to will need a face covering.

When you can start smelling a combination of today's lunch and stale air in your mask, it is time to throw that bad-boy in the washer. MASK-IT gives you a temporary alternative to refresh that mask and kill the funky smell in-between washings. 

MASK-IT combines only organic alcohol & happy & uplifting therapeutic-grade essential oils to make this pandemic thing go a little smoother. 

Bergamot, Cananga, Geranium, Lemon, Sweet Orange & Tangerine


Directions: Shake gently. Spray MASK-IT on cloth mask for a uplifting breath of fresh air between machine washings. Allow alcohol to dry before wearing mask. Not intended to replace machine washing or to sanitize mask.

Ingredients:  Organic vodka, bergamot, cananga, geranium, lemon, sweet orange & tangerine therapeutic-grade essential oils.

2 fl oz (60 ml)