DUST Nook & Cranny Body Powder

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Silky smooth DUST herbal body powder made with organic ingredients - without talc, aluminum, or parabens absorbs moisture - WHEREVER you need it. 

DUST Body Powder provides superb odor & moisture protection for showerless days, after a workout, or just because you're dang hot & sweaty. Dust your pits, your feet, every nook and cranny, every crack and crevice. Moko's talc-free body powder naturally absorbs moisture so that your skin stays soft, happy, and odor-free.

Moko Body DUST for camping without showers

This effective & organically-infused body powder is perfect for camping, hiking or anytime there is not a shower in sight. DUST herbal body powder is made with organic sweat-absorbing ingredients to absorb moisture and odor. May help to reduce friction and chafing on legs and thighs when you are on a long hike or bike ride. Keeps skin feeling soft, dry, and smelling like a true mountaineer with its slight hint of cedarwood and lavender.

FUN FACT: Lavender, tea tree, cedarwood & peppermint are all bug repellent essential oils! This powder MAY just help you deter mosquitoes and other annoying buggers as well.

DUST Body Powder by moko organics st paul MN


You know it. Not only does this awesome-smelling powder work amazingly well, it also combines anti-bacterial tea tree oil to prevent and treat irritated skin - and  peppermint to cool and soothes already aggravated areas. DUST comes in two sizes - one for home and a 3 oz handy-dandy gym bag, glove compartment, backpack, suitcase-sized bottle to take with you where ever you go. 

Apply DUST inside your shoes, work boots, gym bag - even the kitty litter box.  Contains natural ingredients for odor and wetness control. Use as a "Day Two" alternative for staying dry and feeling clean. Use as a back-up plan to feel fresh & frisky.


DID YOU SAY THERE WAS A SNOOZE-BUTTON BONUS? You can use DUST Body Powder to lift excess oils from hair and use as a dry shampoo! GENIUS!  Apply lightly to roots and tousle to distribute powder. This powder works best on light hair. Sleep in. 

Oversleeping and using DUST as dry shampoo


Organic tapioca flour, organic arrowroot powder, organic corn starch, baking soda, non-nano zinc oxide, kaolin clay, magnesium, Vitamin E; cedarwood, lavender, tea tree & peppermint therapeutic-grade essential oils. 


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